Consciousness is the solution to all our personal and planetary problems. Now is the time to reclaim your power and remember who you really are. This is the truest form of healing.

Energy Medicine & Quantum Healing When you are ready to transform chronic pain, or emotional or spiritual stuckness
I will help you free yourself and move into your next level of joyful purpose & self-expression






Do you feel

  • …Inspired to create your next project, business or creative expression but are having a hard time actualizing it? Or would love clear, high-level guidance for making it happen?
  • … Still dragged down sometimes by negative mind programs or old emotional wounding, even after years (or decades) of diligent work on yourself?
  • … Like you are in a profound process of conscious awakening, and yet still feel discombobulated sometimes?
  • … That you have chronic pain or mystery illnesses that no one can seem to fully help you with?

Would you like to

  • Identify and clear the hidden roots of chronic pain, disease, depression or anxiety?
  • Develop a more confident and positive outlook on life?
  • Get crystal clear about your most fulfilling purpose at this time, and start taking concrete steps to actualize it?
  • Experience greater Embodiment of the Light of your True Self in your physical body and energy fields?
  • Discover your calm inner center and learn to be unshakable in the face of stress?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions schedule a

to learn what your next best steps are.

Energy Medicine

Use of microcurrent, color light and sound therapies and chakra balancing to help relieve chronic pain and symptoms of many forms of challenging “dis-ease”

Quantum Healing / 5th Dimensional Healing

The most profound form of healing that works by re-awakening the direct bodily-felt experience of a client’s true, undivided Self. This offers powerful release of old trauma and PTSD, and many miracles of healing occur as this re-connection is experienced and integrated.

Assemblage Point Re-Alignment

This is one of the most crucial healing interventions for people experiencing anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and non-responsive health issues.  The Assemblage Point is the point of alignment between our physical body and the larger energy fields that permeate and surround our bodies. 

Multi-Dimensional Clearing

Chronic pain, depression and disease are usually rooted in old programming and beliefs hidden on the sub-conscious and Soul levels.  Darren is skilled at quickly determining the nature of these limiting programs and working with clients to permanently dissolve them, thus reclaiming their power, freedom and creative life fulfillment

Intuitive Counseling / Spiritual Coaching

As a highly-developed intuitive channel Darren helps clients gain profound insights into themselves, including the often-hidden causes behind their health challenges.  Darren also helps facilitate a high-vibrational sacred environment in which ready people can Ascend into their next level of spiritual embodiment and initiation.  This is a service he has a great deal of experience with and loves to share!

En-Lighten Your Load

Your struggles and suffering started when you agreed to be less than you really are. You can cancel those old agreements now and release your addiction to pain.

I will help you remove those blockages and align with your Divine nature – your true Self. This is the real way to enjoy peace of mind and discover clarity of purpose. I would love to support you in sharing your brilliance and creating your awesome new life.

Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., Master Quantum Healer 
Director the Microlight Institute and Bridge to Mastery


” The latest rounds of treatments have been amazing.
I knew on a deep level that I had a deep, powerful and IMMEDIATE shift. “

Therese S., Business Coach

” I’ve been to other acupuncturists before and could not tell any difference after the treatments. After the first treatment with you I felt much less pain. After each session I felt significantly better. The work you did on opening my heart was phenomenal. “

Yvonne E., Cancer patient, California

” You are truly an awesome acupuncturist and healer. My whole body feels amazingly relaxed and pain free. You are also an excellent reader. Your very clear flows have helped me immensely.”

Carole F, California

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